Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Papvervision 3D, Flash, Flex Tutorials

I am currently learning Papervision3D and Flex as they will primarily be the development tools I will use for the collaborative design planning application. I am looking at how to implement Papervision3D within Flex using an ActionScript project. I have also looked at exporting 3D models from C4d as collada(.dae) files. The collada files are supported by flash as a 3D model is specified as an XML file which contains the properties of the model.

Therefore I have been looking at

1. Developing 3D models files in Cinema 4D

2. Exporting them as Collada - .dae files

3. Implementing Papervision3D within Flex a actionscript project.

4. Getting Papervision3D to load in the collada .dae files

5. Applying Multi-touch interactivity to the 3D objects

I have found several useful tutorials online. Here are links to the tutorials -

http://www.madvertices.com/ - Papervison Tutorials

- Papervision 3D Core Training
- Advanced Materials
Effects, Filters & Modifiers
- Animation
- Exercises:
- Random Tips & Info:
- Swift 3D Support:


Flex / Actionscript development tutorials that shows you how to use the Papervision 3D engine to create 3D Flash effects such as changing materials on 3D models

Flash Multi-touch Tutorials

- Building Your First Multi-touch Application
- Demo ready to go examples
- Flash forum


- Importing Cinema4D model into Papervision 3D

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  1. Wow, sounds exciting! =)

    I found your article with Google while searching for the room designer in 3d and how to make one.

    Well, your project seems to be much more interesting!)))

    I was working with TUIO last month.
    Here are a few links for you



    Hope you'll find them useful!

    Take care!